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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger born in Austria may be a terribly versatile actor together with being a great bodybuilder and currently an official and therefore the Governor of California. He was the second son of his parents. His father being a police officer taught him nice values and brought him up in a very strict and disciplined environment.

Arnold had a great sports temperament like his father. He had an ambition to be a body builder from his childhood and thus he began bodybuilding at the age of fifteen when he joined the soccer team of Austria. At the age of eighteen, in 1965 he joined the army and that is when he became serious concerning his body and started taking a strict diet. While in the military he took part within the Mr.
Junior Europe contest in 1965 and won the competition. From then on there was no wanting back for him. He won monumental variety of professional titles once that he visited participate in the 1968 Mr. Universe competition. He won that one too and also became the youngest winner, at the age of twenty. He even won the Mr. Olympia titles consecutively for 6 years but lost to Sergio Oliva when he competed for the first time. He was given the nickname "The Austrian Oak" for his nice body. He then left the competition saying that he wished to grant a probability to different talents too. George Butler made a documentary on Arnold's body building training named Pumping Iron. Besides body building being his ultimate dream, he entered Hollywood along with his first movie "Hercules Goes to New York" within the year 1970. He won the Golden Globe Award for best new actor for his performance within the movie Stay Hungry, in 1976. His character in "Conan" movie required him to coach vigorously and all the horse riding, sword coaching and running created him thus sturdy that he needed only eight weeks coaching for the competition. This time too, he won it. However it led to a controversy that the competition didn't support talent however popularity.

Arnold's movies didn't click at the box workplace till he did "Terminator" in 1984, that was followed by other hits like "Twins", "Total Recall", "Commando" and "Kindergarten Cop". He started a construction firm whose profits were used to fund another tiny business of mail order of fitness material like books and videocassettes. He even got a degree in business and international economics from the Wisconsin University to take his business to a further higher level. Inside few years was living a luxurious life. He even wrote articles for body building magazines, Muscle & Fitness, and Flex. After being appointed because the governor he was promoted as the executive editor of both the magazines.

His 1st affair was with Barbara Outland Baker who was an English teacher however they split in 1974. After that Arnold dated Maria Shriver, niece of former president John F. Kennedy for eight years and then espoused her in 1986 and they live along ever since then and the couple have four youngsters. In August 2003 he announced his call to stand for the elections of Governor of California. He was elected on October 7, 2003 and he replaced Gary Davis with nearly three.4 million votes in his favor. He was re-elected once more in November 2006. He may be a republican. He was ranked among the prime hundred people who shaped the globe by time. He continues to perform his duty as the Governor of California and is being lauded for bringing in many reforms.
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