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Monday, June 18, 2012

Charlie Chaplin: A Short Bio

What might be said regarding this great and prolific actor? An article is not sufficient to explain the lifetime of this immortal legend. A library of books written on him might still fall short of portraying the lifetime of this never to be forgotten hero of Hollywood who gave innumerable memorable movies to us. Though he rose to fame mostly thanks to his silent movies but he conveyed therefore many things that a lot of actors couldn't do through speech. Charles Spencer Chaplin popularly referred to as Charlie Chaplin was born in Walworth, London, U.K. on April sixteen, 1889. The folks had given him nick names like Charlie, Charlot and the Little Tramp.

Charlie Chaplin was born in the family of entertainers. His parents Charles and Hannah Chaplin were musical entertainers. No wonder why he took to stage so early. He was only 5 years previous when he had to sing a song on his mother's behalf as she became ill. There was no stopping this boy who toured in an exceedingly musical referred to as "The Eight Lancaster Lads" at the age of eight. The marvel kid continued his marvelous work appearing in "Giddy Ostende" at London's Hippodrome. After that he worked with Fred Karno who had an English Vaudeville Troupe till the age of twenty-four. The troupe additionally brought him to New York in 1921 at the age of twenty one. He got his initial break in December 1913 with Mack Sennet of Keystone. He moved to Hollywood, California the each next month to begin his long carrier each as actor and director. Charlie Chaplin's first movie was "Making a Living" which released in February 1914. He acted and directed regarding thirty-5 films with Keytone before moving to Essanay in 1915 where he did another fourteen films. Then he signed up with Mutual in 1916 and did another 12 films. He worked with Mutual till 1917. Then again next year he joined 1st National, that was later, acquired by Warner Bros. After a year i.e. in the year nineteen19 Charlie Chaplin formed United Artists collaborating with Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffith and Douglas Fairbanks. Then he gave his first ever full-length movie "The Child" in 1921 made below the banner of United Artists which was directed by him.

Charles Chaplin won a special award in 1929 Oscar Awards for his excellence in Writing, Producing, Directing and Acting for the movie "The Circus" that was released in 1928. Charlie Chaplin has the premiere of his 1931 movie "City Lights" in London where he stayed till 1932 and then came to U.S. Chaplin's next movie was 5 years known as "Modern Times that was released in 1936. The movie was one in every of the biggest all time hits. He made another movie after four years by name "The great Dictator" in 1940 in that he portrayed as Hitler, that was criticized by many. But the film created a stir at the box workplace and conjointly won several awards. He made Monsieur Verdouz in 1947 and released a talkie in 1952 referred to as "Limelight" that continues to be remembered as his best talkie.

Chaplin had his share of controversies too. The U.S. Authorities accused him of spreading communism through his movies. When being devastated by these allegations he left for Switzerland. Whereas being outside U.S. he produced two more films "A King in New York" in 1957 and his last film "A Countess from Hong Kong" in 1967. It saw a unhealthy end to the current wonderful artist's works when it flopped on the box office, which was the only failure that the great actor had in his professional career. He tried his hands at new scores in 1969 including "The Child" and "The Circus". Academy Award honored him for his contribution to the film trade in 1972. Queen Elizabeth II knighted Charlie Chaplin in 1975. Charlie Chaplin ascended to peace on Christmas Day of 197seven while in his sleep leaving an era of inventive brilliance behind him and cherished reminiscences to the avid viewers of his movies.
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